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Gender inclusivity, a catalyst for decarbonization in the cement industry | Women in cement, the current state of play [Part 1] – Aahead & RadiantESG Global Investors Research Paper

Aahead & RadiantESG Global Investors research paper

Africa Ahead and RadiantESG are thrilled to share with you a first in a series of publications on the cement industry exploring the interconnectedness between ‘women’s participation and decarbonization and the best practices in relation to gender-related policies, data collection and reporting. We argue the business case for greater gender inclusivity in the sector within the context of pressures on companies to evolve toward more sustainable outcomes. In this piece, we establish a baseline understanding of the current state of women’s participation in the cement business by revealing the composition of the women workforce and share what we have learned about the relationship between geographic location, reporting, and gender representation. To learn more about the research, please download the full report here. RadiantESG is an investment manager, thought leader and advocate for positive change in the asset management industry. You can learn more about their vision and mission here.