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Gender inclusivity, a catalyst for decarbonization in the cement industry

Aahead & RadiantESG Global Investors research paper

Sector and region-specific enabling research are key components of Aahead’s vision. In 2022, we signed a strategic partnership with RadiantESG Global Investors. Through our collaboration, we sought to provide sector and region-specific research and insights to our clients and investors on the most pressing challenges, opportunities and best practices in relation to ESG, Diversity and Inclusion themes.

As we celebrate the women history month, we are delighted to share the abstract of our upcoming joint research paper on the interconnectedness between ‘women’s participation and decarbonization, in the cement industry, a critical sector for Africa infrastructure development.

To learn more about the research, please download the abstract here.RadiantESG is an investment manager, thought leader and advocate for positive change in the asset management industry. You can learn more about their vision and mission here.