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Africa Ahead and RadiantESG Global Investors are delighted to announce a new collaboration on ESG, Diversity and Inclusion.

In a time of resource scarcity, rising social pressures and inequalities, increased need for a strong approach to ESG integration, growing focus on diversity and inclusion in public and private institutions globally, and greater cross-sectoral and cross-regional collaboration in ESG thinking, cultural resiliency and leadership best practices are critical to achieving economic growth that is socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.

Together we aim to act on our fundamental belief in the economic power of ESG considerations and the link between diversity, improved profitability, better employee retention, and lower investment risk to truly make an impact. Our partnership will enable us to provide sector and region-specific research and insights to our clients and investors on the most pressing challenges, opportunities and best practices in relation to ESG and D&I themes globally, as well as a focus on their implementation in Africa.

We believe this unique and distinctive approach will lead to stronger inter-sectoral and regional collaboration, positively effecting global value-chains.

About Africa Ahead: Africa Ahead is a catalyst for investment capital into high growth SMEs, a capacity building and management consulting firm fully dedicated to Africa socio-economic transformation.

Africa Ahead partners with public and private organizations, development agencies and non-for-profit institutions, designing solutions tailored to their specific needs and context to foster a resilient ecosystem in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We believe that working alongside our clients, partners and investors to develop their strategic vision and objectives, promoting good corporate governance, mainstreaming environmental sustainability and improving cultural resiliency, will contribute to long-lasting impact. We are committed to deepening cross- sectoral and cross-regional dialogues on key economic and societal issues.

About RadiantESG Global Investors: RadiantESG Global Investors is an investment advisor, a thought leader and advocate for positive change in the asset management industry. The Firm combines rigorous fundamental and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis to build listed equity portfolios with optimal risk-adjusted characteristics for its clients. We believe that the creation of long-term investment value need not be at the expense of positive social impact.

As investors with decades of experience analyzing companies, we are well positioned to share insight on the economic importance of ESG and Diversity and Inclusion matters in companies’ or sectors’ performance and society at large.